How to fly fish?

pêche à la mouche

To be a good fly fisher, it is essential to practice the casting motion. This is the part that makes some people give up because it takes patience to learn. However, things go faster if you know how to be patient.

The basic casting technique

In fly fishing, it will be possible to decide on various casting styles. It is up to you to decide which one suits you best. However, it all starts with a basic set of movements that you need to master. The first thing to do is to know how to hold the rod, and you can use one or two hands.

The first move is to raise the rod backwards to allow the line to move in that direction. You should then keep the rod in the 13 o’clock position until the line is sufficiently taut. When it is, you send the rod forward to allow it to go away, then hold it when the fly hits the water.

Practising in a favourable environment

Mastering fly casting is not a one-day event, and it is essential to take the time to practice in order to get the most out of it. So, first of all, you need to find a good place that is conducive to this.

One of the most important conditions is to have enough space around you. Doing so will prevent the line from getting caught on an obstacle or having its path disturbed. Also, it is best to avoid places where other people might distract you.

Good fly fishing practices

There are a few rules to follow when you are new to fly fishing and want to improve your skills. First of all, you should not think about catching fish when you start. The goal should be to first adjust the movement to be as optimal as possible.

Secondly, it is more practical not to place a hook at the end of the line when you are just learning. It can get stuck somewhere and interfere with your training. Finally, you should think about the timing and not hesitate too much between the movements.

Fly fishing or lure fishing

There is a difference between fly fishing with a real fly and using a lure. The difference will mainly be that the fly is much lighter. So it is advisable to give your line more length.

The weight of the line will help to make up for the lightness of your fly. You have fewer constraints similar to this when using a lure. Indeed, this one will often have a rather consequent weight, which you will be able to choose according to your needs.

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