Which reel for pike fishing?

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There are many species of fish to choose from. Pike are one of the most popular fish to catch. In order to be successful, you need a reel that catches them well.

Pike as a fish

The pike is a fairly common species that you will not fail to find in all the water points of France. It can be recognised by its rows of teeth, which easily catch a prey, and it is thus a carnivorous fish. It will also have a relatively flat head and powerful tail fins.

The choice of a fishing reel the choice of a lure for pike fishing will be relatively different depending on the sex of the fish. If the male is only a few dozen centimetres long and weighs a maximum of 10 kilos, the female can reach up to 1.5 metres and weigh 35 kilos. The weight can vary depending on the fishing environment, but also on the time of year.

Technical aspects of the reel required

Overall, the size of the pike is relatively average compared to other fish species. The model of fishing reel to be purchased must therefore also meet this criterion. The size of the reel should ideally be between 2500 and 3000, with a retrieve speed of about 75cm per revolution.

The brake should be able to deliver a swinging force of no more than 8 kg. With such a configuration, you will not have too much difficulty in catching pike. Even large species can be caught without any problems with such a reel.

The reel models that stand out

There is no shortage of high quality fishing reels on the market. For pike with limited size, the Curado K from Shimano is one of the best choices. On average, you can retrieve 66cm of line per spin, and it comes in three different configurations.

Next we have Daiwa, with their Tatula TC and MF100THSL Megaforce models. These are best suited to fishing for large pike. These two brands are among the most reliable in terms of the quality of fishing tackle you can buy.

Hardware to go with your pike reel

While the fishing reel is important in pike fishing, it is not everything. Among the most important is the rod. A regularfast model is what you should prioritise. With this type of rod, the part on the line side is flexible, while the part near the reel is not.

Lures are also an element that must be chosen with care. They should be appropriate to the size of the fish you want to catch. The size should be appropriate, and you can decide on both soft and hard lures. The choice for the latter depends greatly on the environment.

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