Why don’t I fish with lures?

pêche au leurre

Lure fishing is one of the easiest fishing formats to turn to. But this does not exclude that it will be useful to have a minimum of technique. For example, some people find it difficult to catch fish even with this simple technique.

Choose a different style of lure

When you decide to go lure fishing, it is essential to decide on the right type of lure for the situation. Fish will have different preferences, and some may even dislike particular lures. You need to find out what the fish you are interested in generally like.

Take the case of trout. They will be distinguished by the fact that they are relatively omnivorous. Indeed, they will feed on both marine plants and small fish. Lures that imitate such small fish will therefore be more effective for this type of prey.

You are using the wrong size

In addition to the visual style of the lure, it is also essential to choose a lure size that is more in line with your needs. The fish you are going to lure will all have specific sizes. However, you should keep your attention on the average size of the fish you are interested in.

The location of the fish is one of the factors that will influence this detail. You need to make sure that you use lures that are neither too small nor too big. By doing so, you increase the attraction of your lure to the target fish.

The fishing style does not match

It is also important to focus your attention on the question of the fishing style that needs to be addressed. Lure fishing can be quite static, leaving the lure in the water for a while until the fish approaches. It can also be quite dynamic, which involves catching fish on the move.

Here, depending on the shape chosen for the lure, the fish may or may not be convinced that the situation is realistic. By this we mean the general movements of the lure, or its position when it is static. Because of the variety of needs that exist, one can turn to more models.

Choose the right material

It is also possible that your lure fishing is not successful because you are not using the right tackle. Here, rather than focusing on the lure, it is useful to turn your attention to the other details.

The rod should be chosen with care, particularly in relation to the style of fishing you wish to engage in. The level of skill of the angler should also be taken into account. Some rods will be easier to handle than others, and come with various hazards, which should not be forgotten.

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