How do you raise moths?

teigne pêche

Knowing how to play with bait is very important if you want to catch big fish. In this respect, you have to find the best insects that can attract fish in the water. Moths are very fat insects that are used in fishing, but before using them as prey, they must be raised properly.

Tools used for rearing moths

There are some materials you will need to raise moths. You will need glass jars with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 litres each. The jars should have a large opening so that they can be well aerated. For better ventilation, you need a lid with a 1 cm cut-out on the outside edge. You should also use a fine-mesh screen, which should preferably be made of brass. To prevent the larvae from escaping from the jar, the screen should be lined with a nylon stocking.

Preparing the insect rearing medium

Moths cannot multiply in all environments. You need to prepare a place where the insects can grow quickly and easily. You must therefore make mixtures that will serve as an environment for the moths to develop. You can make a mixture of bran, cornmeal, wheat flour, milk powder and also dietary yeast. This mixture should be placed in a single jar. It is also possible to use liquid honey and liquid glycerine. You can use whatever ingredients are available to you to simplify your peach moth breeding.

Afterwards, all the ingredients should be mixed together so that the mixture is not too wet (or too sticky). You should use a bowl to make the mixture before putting everything into the jar. Avoid tamping it down once the mixture is in the jar, it needs some airing. Now you can put the larvae in the jar containing the mixture. You should not forget that the environment in which the moths are reared should not be neglected. This is a very important point in order to promote the development of the eggs until they become larvae.

How long does moth rearing last?

In general, a good temperature is needed for the moths to develop in its environment. For example, the temperature in the jar should be up to 40°C. The moths have a lifespan of up to two weeks. Once the insects have laid eggs, you must remove them from the jar. It takes up to 10 days for the eggs to become larvae.

It is really important to use the right methods and also to maintain the best possible environment for the development of peach moths. This will ensure that you have a fat insect when you use it. Moths that are not fat are not attractive to fish so it is necessary to insist on this.

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