How do I attach a baiting rod ?

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The fishing accessories available on the market to enable you to do this activity much more efficiently. The trick is to decide which ones you want to buy and then use for your fishing. The baiting cup is one of the most interesting recourses for this discipline and can be attached to a rod with a fitting.

Presentation of the baiting rod

The baiting cup is an accessory that helps to make better use of bait for fishing. Depending on your needs, this accessory will have a variable size. This accessory is attached to the end of a telescopic rod, so that it can be moved to the surface of the water at a good distance.

There are various techniques that can be used when using a priming cup, including the use of recalls. These can be used to attract the attention of fish to specific areas if the bait did not work the first few times. Fishing such as with a baiting rod can benefit greatly from this specific accessory. The trick is to decide which type of cup to use.

Attaching the baiting rod

This accessory is not supplied as is to assist a take-apart rod. The baiting cup usually comes in a kit, and it is up to you to assemble it. Often, a kit will include several sizes of cup, and you must choose which one to use depending on the situation. A threaded end cap is used to connect the cup to the telescopic rod.

In order for the whole thing to hold together well, it will generally be necessary to use glue. The glue must be chosen to be very strong. To be sure that you are using the right glue, you are advised to go to a fishing shop.

The interest of the baiting rod

The groundbait cup can be thought of as a more practical use of groundbait. If in general, the groundbait will only be thrown into the water, here you have more control over its placement. It is interesting to use it in situations such as fishing with a take-apart rod.

This is because you can control where in the water you want the fish to congregate. Because of this, the use of this accessory is gaining a lot of momentum.

Choosing which model to buy

There are several models of baiting cups to choose from. You must choose the details of this according to the use you intend to make of it. One of these is the importance of choosing a model made of a material that is both strong and light.

In addition to holding your rod in place, you will need to hold the cup for up to 13m. You also need to decide on a maximum size for your telescopic rod. Once these details are specified, you can purchase your model.

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