Which equipment for predator fishing?

matériel de pêche carnassier

Are you planning to engage in a sensational fishing battle? Pike from canals or ponds will provide you with a thrill. This water predator will shake with all its might to try to free itself from your hook. In this situation, it is in your interest to use quality carnivorous fishing equipment that is especially suited to catching a pike.

Which reel should you choose for pike fishing?

The reel is part of the equipment needed to catch a pike. The success of your fishing sessions depends on it. But before making your purchase, you should know that not all reels are equal. You will have to make a wise choice. To help you, the disengageable reel is a practical piece of fishing equipment . It is easy to use.

In addition, it allows you to catch a combative fish such as pike. The model is equipped with two brakes. The first brake is located at the front of the reel and is used when the fish is fighting and the second brake is at the back when the fish is calm. As for its use, remember to fill the reel with a nylon spool if you plan to go live fishing and with braid when fishing with lures.

Which rod for pike fishing?

The rod is an essential piece of tackle for catching pike. The choice of such equipment depends on the type of fishing. If you plan to fish with a tube, it is best to use a short rod. Choose the 3 m model. For shore fishing, however, you should use a long rod. This will allow you to catch fish a little further from the shore.

But whatever the model of your rod, it is necessary to take into account its material of manufacture. Its practicality and solidity are at stake. To help you in your choice, opt for a carbon rod. As it is very light, it is easy to handle.

What about lures and hooks for pike fishing?

In addition to the reel and rod, you also need to use lures and hooks to enable you to catch stubborn fish like pike. Of course, a lure is necessary when you want to take up lure fishing. There are several types of lure, such as the swimmer fish lure, the soft lure and the spinning spoon lure. In order for the lure to be effective, it must be discreet and yet still be noticeable to the pike.

The hook must be strong and particularly sharp. Pike fishing hooks come in different shapes. They can be in the form of a parrot’s beak or double with a safety pin. There are also accessories to make the most of your pike fishing such as worm boxes and fishing boats.

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