Which reel to cast for the Big Bait?

moulinet casting big bait

Fishing for big fish is one of the more sporting variants of this activity. Indeed, these will require much more effort and technique, as well as the use of really adequate equipment. Among other things, you must decide which reel to use in this case.

The specifics of big bait casting

The term “big bait casting” is used to describe a type of fishing that uses a large bait. This is necessary if you want to catch big fish, especially those that can be found in wide waters. It is necessary to use a big bait casting reel it is necessary to use a specific headline to enable this task to be done properly.

The needs for this type of fishing will indeed be more specific. It is therefore important to use a reel with characteristics that will favour the fishing of large fish. It should be noted that this is the style of fishing that is mainly aimed at fishermen who have some experience.

Requirements for a big bait reel

As you would expect, the reel needs to have a certain amount of power. Indeed it must be what will pull you fish that have a fairly large weight, and that will also be very energetic. It is also prescribed to have a big bait casting reel with a good line storage capacity.

Also because of the power of the fish you are going to catch, it is required to opt for a model with sufficiently effective brakes. It would be impractical if your reel started to slip badly when the fish pulls on it.

Choosing the right profile for your needs

It is important to choose the right profile for the type of fishing you are going to do. Generally speaking, it is preferable to use a round profile for your big bait casting reel. The advantage of this is its ability to accommodate a large amount of line.

For certain instances, however, it will be necessary to turn to the low-profile. This is a very practical tool if you are faced with specific fishing conditions. For example, the water bottom may be rocky, or other similar obstacles may be present.

The question of reel ratio

It is important to consider the ratio of your big bait casting reel. This will have a significant effect on the line speed of your rod. The higher the ratio, the faster the line will be retracted. This is a choice that must be made according to the style of fishing you wish to adopt.

Favouring a slow speed on this plane makes it easier to catch large prey. On the other hand, if you are in a fishing environment that is quite rich in various difficulties, notably because of the configuration of the watercourse, it is better to use a high ratio.

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