Which licence for sea fishing?

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Sea fishing is an activity that can be practised alone or with others, just bring your own equipment. As you would expect, it is an activity with a minimum of supervision, and this implies the need for a licence in certain cases. So before you go fishing, you need to be well informed about this.

Sea fishing does not require a licence

Unlike freshwater, the sea fishing unlike freshwater, the sea does not require you to have a licence. The conditions for fishing in this environment are not the same as for rivers or lakes. However, this does not mean that fishing in these waters is not subject to the same regulations that apply to them.

Among other things, one of the aims of the measures taken is to avoid overfishing. It is also forbidden to sell the fish you catch. These are essentially intended for your own consumption. This is one of the reasons why sport fishermen throw the fish back into the water at a certain point.

It is essential to always check

Even though sea fishing does not require the use of a licence, it is still necessary to approach the relevant authorities. This is required as some areas will be considered as freshwater and not saltwater. This will make an important difference.

The points of intersection of these will bring changes to the rules that apply. Depending on whether the water is considered fresh or salt, the rules will change. As a private individual, you may not be sure which areas are affected. It is therefore a good idea to inform yourself as much as possible.

How to get a fishing licence

Although sea fishing does not require a licence, it may be that an area you think is considered maritime is not. In this case, you should always check if it is required, and if so, you don’t have to worry that it is too difficult to get.

Some communes will even offer simple fishing cards, which can be bought for about 20 euros. These will be valid for one year, from 1 January to 31 December. However, the specifics of the licences may vary from case to case.

What you risk if you fish without a licence

There are sanctions in place for people who go fishing in restricted areas without the corresponding licences. However, this does not apply to you if you intend to fish at sea . Otherwise, you should expect penalties of up to 450 euros in fines.

The lack of a licence is not the only reprehensible action in connection with fishing. Among other things, you are not allowed to sell the fish you catch. People who can punish you include various officials, such as the police, but also the coast guard. You must therefore make sure that you do not break the law.

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