When to fish for catfish with a lure?

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The catfish is one of the most attractive fish to catch. For this reason, it may be interesting for you to know the details that will promote a good fishing of this fish. We are talking in particular about the catfish lure for this type of fishing. The time to do this will also have to be well chosen so that it is at best favourable.

Fishing for catfish

The catfish is an interesting fish in many respects, especially because it is quite large. With a size that varies between 1.50m and 2m, it is not uncommon for it to go well beyond this limit. Then, we can mention its weight, around 100kg, which will vary depending on its dimensions.

It will easily be found in a good portion of the fresh waters of France. So, he is keen for you to do a bit of exploring to find the most suitable spots. To make your catfish lure for your fishing patterns to work well, you need to look at the areas that are going to be the most favourable. Large lakes that may have good depth.

Understanding the habits of the catfish

The catfish likes to stay close to the sea bed and will favour hunting between two waters. It is also distinguished by its poor eyesight, which means that it will focus its attention mainly on noises. Amongst other things, this implies the need to avoid making too many noises when approaching.

To catch this fish, it is therefore going to be a question of running your line through the lower parts of the waters. The other option would be to generate noise that will attract it out of its habitat. Here we are not talking about just any sounds, but rather the vibrations normally emitted by their usual prey, which you can do with a good catfish lure.

Choosing the right time to fish

The timing of your catfish fishing should be chosen with care. To do it right, you should do it around the beginning of the season, in May, or when they are getting ready for winter.

So, towards the end of October and the beginning of November, these fish will be exploring the waters to find food. They will be more apt to run with the different types of catfish lures you decide to use.

Using the right type of catfish lure

There are plenty of options available to you when it comes to lures for catching catfish. Among the most popular are organic baits. These are sure to attract the attention of the fish once they are on the end of the line.

Soft lures are also a good option in terms of catfish lures, and the key is to look for a model that best imitates the shape of the corresponding small animals. To be best prepared, it is important to have a variety of lures at your disposal. By doing this, you ensure that you know how to react to which type of fish.

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