What is the best Swimbait?


In the fishing industry, there are various models of lures offered by professionals. One of the most popular lures is the swimbait. We advise you not to confuse this type of lure with the bigbait. Indeed, the latter, as its name indicates, is a big lure. As for the swimbait, it is a swimming lure. It imitates swimming fish very well.

How to choose your Swimbait?

There are two types of swimbait available on the market. When buying a swimbait, you will have the chance to choose between the classic model and the glider model. If you are a connoisseur, you already know what you need. But, for those who are still new to this swimbaiting technique, how do you choose your lure? To help you, here are some criteria to consider.

Classic swimbaits have an S-shaped swimming action. If you need a lure that is effective, be aware that this type of swimbait is very provocative. S-shaped patterns can also come in different designs. There are swimbaits with or without a bib. If you need help in choosing your lure, we recommend that you take into account the particularity of its swim. As for the glider model, it promises a swim closer to the real thing.

The best swimbait for a better fishing trip

Of all the lures on the market, the swimbait is considered the most expensive. For this reason, some anglers do not own many of them. For professionals, two or three different models are sufficient. All you have to do is choose the swimbait that will meet all your expectations.

To help you find the best swimbait, we recommend that you take your needs into account. There is the ILLEX model which promises a design that is quite realistic. It is perfect for catching fish that are quite clever. The Illex swimbait offers an S-shaped swimming action and exceptional density. The latter gives you the possibility to make long distance casts with perfect accuracy.

You can also opt for the Gantarel. Just like the Illex, this is also a lure that promises exceptional realism. It has a body made up of 3 articulated parts. This allows it to give you a very strong swimming action. This type of lure can reach a swimming depth of about 1 metre. It is also available in different colours.

If you need a soft lure, we recommend the PIG SHAD Jr. This is a perfect lure for catching huge pike. The Dexter shad 250 is also a very soft model. It also promises a very realistic shape and appearance. With a wide and very attractive tail, this lure promises a strong vibration and exceptional speed.

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