How to fish with a streamer in a river?

streamer pêche

For fans of big trout, streamer fishing is no longer a secret. However, even though it is a technique that is already widespread, it is still worth expanding the knowledge base for those who are already experienced. And for beginners, understanding streamer fishing is a great advantage to better progress.

Getting to know the streamer better

The streamer is a large artificial fly that is made of rabbit skin in most cases, but other materials can also be used. It is a rather special kind of lure because once in the water, the material doubles in volume and the streamer performs the animation movements very well. But if you look at its behaviour, it’s more like an incentive fly and not an imitative fly. Its role is to incite the aggressiveness of the fish you want to catch.

The efficiency of the streamer fishing the efficiency of the streamer in the river depends considerably on the way the angler masters the evolution of the streamer at the right depth. The animation is done by simple shakes of the rod, but it is especially important to train the fish in a rather important depth thanks to the streamer.

Streamer fishing

As with every type of fishing, there are techniques that must be perfected by the angler in order to achieve more satisfactory results. Streamer fishing in the river is often done on the bottom or between two waters. The practice is generally done downstream, going down the river. It is advisable for the angler to make a cast in front of him, trying to drift the streamer on a beam. It is possible to animate the streamer, but it is not an obligation.

The streamer fishing is rather easy to do for those who know how to make a good animation. Trout are carnivores that do not hesitate to attack their fellow creatures when they feel that their prey is at the end of its strength. And this is precisely the effect that the streamer gives when it is well animated; it imitates a small sick fish.

The equipment needed for streamer fishing

The streamer is a more or less heavy lure, and since it doubles its volume when soaked, it becomes even heavier when in the water. This means that you need the right equipment for streamer fishing. You will need a 9.6 foot rod, but ideally a minimum of 10 feet. Length is a major factor when streamer fishing in rivers because you need to go deep.

When it comes to the reel, it is best to go for something that is balanced and perfect for your rod. It is advisable to have a reel capable of holding a 7 plus 100 backing line. The drag must also be efficient because trout are quite aggressive. The line needs to have a low elasticity. Finally, you will also need a streamer that is adapted to the type of fishing you are going to do.

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