What size soft lure should I use for perch?

leurre pêche en mer

People’s interest in perch for summer fishing is increasing significantly. This is because it is a fish with many qualities, and it promises anglers a great catch. Among the choices you have to make for this activity is the choice of bait and the perch lure to use.

Fishing for perch

Fishing for perch is always interesting. Moreover, there is not much competition, as people often turn to more popular fish such as trout. So you can do this without too much difficulty, and hope to get some very interesting action.

Here you will have a good reminder of what makes fishing so popular, the battle aspect between the angler and the fish. Perch are quite tenacious fish, and they won’t let you catch them so easily. In this, it is essential to choose the right equipment to use, including the perch lure.

Using a perch lure

The soft lure is one of the most popular options for fishing in general, as it is a versatile accessory. It is therefore possible to decide on a model whose details are best suited to your immediate needs.

By choosing the right mounting, it is also possible to make the most appropriate use of this lure. Depending on the rig, it is possible for the soft lure to be used for both surface and deep fishing.

Choosing the right size for your soft lure

The lure is a fish whose size is not that big, and it is therefore advisable to use a soft lure with dimensions that are best suited to their size. Models with a size of about 5cm are among the most interesting. Even if it is a carnivorous fish, it will favour small prey.

Secondly, as its size can vary, you are advised to use a set of baits that can help you react accordingly. Just make sure that the lures you buy are not too large for this fish, so look for limited sizes.

Making the right rig

When it comes to the soft lure,it is essential to pay attention to the rig to be used for this perch lure. Depending on this detail, you can adapt your fishing style to the environment favoured by the fish. If the fish prefers to stay in the depths, or is far from the edges, you should use a heavy weight. This will allow your bait to go a little further underwater, and it will also make the casts more powerful. If you plan to fish mainly on the surface, it is better to limit the use of heavy weights or not to use any at all. This way your bait will be able to stay on the surface.

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