When to use surface lures?

leurre de surface

The types of lures you find on the market will be designed to meet a specific need. Turning to a specific model may be appropriate for conditions such as surface fishing. On the other hand, novice anglers may not know when to turn to that particular style of fishing.

The specifics of surface lures

As the name suggests, a surface lure is mainly used to catch fish that are usually close to the water. This type of lure is designed so that it does not dive into the water when it hits it. It will therefore have a good lightness which makes it stay on the surface until the fish bites.

Using a lure of this style is mainly done in certain fishing methods. For some, it may require a certain level of technique, especially as the bait should not simply be left motionless. It also depends on how lively the fish are.

Spring for surface lures

Spring is the time when fish will come out of their winter slumber. As such, they will be very interested in feeding, and will be easily seduced by a surface lure. You can easily catch fish with lures that are only visible on the surface of the water.

Indeed, when their season is open, fish will easily pounce on anything they consider as food. On the other hand, here you can use this type of bait in clear water. In clear water, this type of lure will be more easily visible to the fish.

The surface lure according to the fish

You should also decide whether or not to use a surface lure, depending on the fish you want to catch. If the fish is still in a mode where it will favour catching as much food as possible, it is a good recourse.

It is also an interesting alternative for sea fish, as they are not so used to it. On the other hand, the use of surface lures in lakes and other freshwater areas is limited in time. As the months go by, the fish will learn to distrust the bait.

Choosing the right surface lure

There are several varieties to choose from for a surface lure. The rigid lure is certainly one of the best recourses you can consider. For this one, you will want to use a style of lure that is primarily designed to imitate fish on the surface.

These are usually designed to be shaped in such a way that large fish will be attracted to them. Secondly, it is also possible to use soft lures, taking care to ensure that the model chosen is versatile. In this case, you simply have to remember not to put a lead on the bait.

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