Where to fish for predators?

peche carnassier

Fishing is an activity that you can do alone or with others. It is an exciting activity to do at the water’s edge, in the water, on a boat. For predatory fishing, you need to go to special places. It is also necessary to use the right equipment.

Rivers: the best place to fish for predators

If you are passionate about predator fishing, you must love rivers. The Vendee is the most likely place to find small rivers for predator fishing. Carnivore fishingis practiced on rivers that alternate between farmland and wilderness. This type of water allows you to fish for predators by float tube or by boat.

The latter option is particularly interesting for pike-perch, pike or perch fishing. It is important to remember that rivers can create marshes before they flow into the sea. If you are looking for bigger fish such as pike perch and catfish. You are sure to find them in these marshes.

Coastal rivers: waters with big fish

Rivers offer excellent fishing for predators. It should be noted that rivers can be several dozen metres wide and up to 2 metres deep. In some areas, the water can be quite rough due to currents. The best place to fish for carnivorous fish is where the river is calm.

You can also opt for float-tube or boat fishing. All you need to do is find a good stretch of water. Be aware that it is not uncommon to find black bass in rivers if you fish from the shore. Alternatively, you can also opt to fish for carnivores in smaller rivers.

Lakes: dams and percids go hand in hand

The lakes also offer numerous spots for pike fishing. If you are in the Vendée, you should know that there are at least 12 lakes where you can fish for carnivorous fish. There are no less than 1300 ha of water in the area. There is really something to spoil those who love carnivore fishing.

The best way to fish for perch and pike is by boat. With a boat, you can probe the best spots in the lake and increase your chances of getting a bite. All carnivores are present in all lakes as well. If you want to fish for black bass, it makes sense to fish early in the season.

If you are equipped to fish for big fish such as catfish, you will be spoilt for choice in the lakes of the Vendee. Catfish abound and you can fish for them from the shore or in the water. Expect to see fish up to 2m in length.

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