How to fish for bass with a soft lure from the shore?

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The places to fish for sea bass are generally going to be quite varied, and among the options between which you can decide, we can mention fishing from the shore. This depends on the location and nature of the shore in question. Then you also have to decide on the precise style of the soft lure for bass.

Fishing from the shore for sea bass

Sea bass are fish that will favour specific environments in terms of their locations. They will favour the least amount of effort, so they will choose places where food will often be available, but also from where they can hunt effortlessly. If the edges are rocky or rich in grass, you won’t have too much trouble.

However, if they don’t match this type of environment, you may have to cast your soft bass lure over a long distance. If you can’t find a suitable environment for hunting along the edge, bass will go deep.

Choosing the right bass lure

For any fishing to be successful, it is essential to use a lure that is suitable. In the case of bass, the soft bass lure is one of the most valuable resources in this respect. It will be able to adapt to the needs you may have.

You can easily find a soft lure model that is well suited to bass fishing. Among its assets, we can mention the fact that it can have various shapes that match well with the desires of this fish. All you have to do is make a collection of soft lures and choose according to the case.

The rod for fishing sea bass from the shore

The rod must be chosen with great precision, so that it best suits your fishing style. Among the important details, we can mention the size, which can go between 2m70 and 3m50 for the biggest fish.

In terms of power, it will range from 10g-50g to 20g-60g depending on the type of fish you want to catch. Depending on this, you will be able to cast your soft bass lure over a long distance. You can also decide on a weight that is more or less important.

How to rig your bass lure

The rigging is important when fishing with a soft bass lure on the bank. For fish on the edge,

It is advisable to combine the lure with a lead head style weight so that the lure can get away more quickly. This also contributes to the lure being able to go deep. This is a necessity as bass are fish that will often be found in the depths of the water.

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