What brake power for the catfish reel?

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Catfish are one of the most interesting fish to catch if you like to face challenges. Indeed, it will easily stand out because of its large size and its vivacity. In addition, the details of your tackle must be well chosen. Also, the drag is one of the decisive elements for catfish fishing.

The specificities of catfish fishing

The catfish is a fish that is distinguished by its large size, and it will also essentially spend a good part of its life at depth. It is a fairly lively fish that can also be quite cunning, which means that catching it can be difficult. In particular, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to catch them.

For small fish, you should expect models with a size of around 60 kilos. On the other hand, the size of these fishes can go far beyond that. Accessories such as the catfish reel should be chosen with great care to make sure that everything is optimal.

The importance of a good catfish reel drag

The brake for a catfish reel is a detail that will greatly affect the way you fish for this fish. Indeed, when you enter the combat phase with this fish, it will be a necessity to have a quality reel.

Without a good drag, it is impossible for this model to hold its own against this type of fish. The whole thing has to perform well, but it is also important that the angler knows how to use it. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a decent power for the drag.

Choosing the right drag for your catfish reel

Often a reel will include at least two styles of drag, including magnetic ones, which use the force of magnets, and normal ones. You can usually use either one or the other for your catfish reel depending on the situation.

As far as power is concerned, it should be around 10 to 15 kg, which is much higher than what you will find frequently. Given the size of the fish, however, it is a real necessity to turn to.

Optimising your catfish fishing tackle

Once you have decided on a good power for your catfish reel‘s brakes, you need to turn your attention elsewhere. For example, the reel itself must be of good quality. It needs to be large enough to accommodate what you need in terms of line.

The material of which it is made should also be strong enough to easily fight off catfish that try to release the line. As far as baits are concerned, as these are intelligent fish, it is preferable to use lures that are organic, both live and dead. These will give you a better catch.

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